Are you looking for better results? Let's take a look at your data together!

Dealer Fox - A Dealer Management Group


We are 100% DATA-DRIVEN! That's why we can ensure CLARITY, CERTAINTY, and PERFORMANCE for all of our clients. We help owners, general managers, and marketing directors save time, energy, and money when it comes to working with marketing and software providers. Let me start by saying we DO NOT OFFER ANY advertising services. No digital marketing. No leads. No radio. No TV. Nothing. We don't do any of it.

Why? Conflicts of interest.

We're an impartial, third-party dealer management group that helps you figure out which of your vendors and advertising initiatives are working and which can be improved. We tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly! And we stay impartial so you know you can trust the data we give you since we don't have a dog in the fight.

We help you connect all the dots, not just marketing, we measure performance on inventory, processes, and personnel, so you can make smart, data-driven decisions, without relying on your gut and hoping you were right. I know this can all sound a little technical but it's our job to take all the complex data in your dealership and turn it into easy to ready, actionable, reports, that we call DECISION-DATA!

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DEALER FOX WINDOW CLINGS lets your vendors know that the days of set-it and forget-it are long gone. You are now represented by a team of Senior-Level Data and Performance specialists. You can put them on the door of your office or place the digital badges on the signature of your emails.


Carmen Liera

Carmen Liera

BDC Manager

“In only five months Dealer Fox helped clean up our website and integrated new sales tools that have increased my dealerships leads to actual in-store visits by 32%. The Dealer Fox team assisted our team the entire way! ”

B Anthony

Brian Erlenbach

Sales Manager

“ If you don’t have Dealer Fox in your dealership, chances are you’re investing way too much money in the wrong places. We have increased traffic on our site and sales in-store, all while reducing our costs.”


Craig Brown

Sales Manager

“If you haven’t engaged Dealer Fox, then your business isn’t firing on all cylinders! Dan at Dealer Fox has an acute understanding of all things digital and the capacity to create business opportunities where none existed. By far the most intelligent individual in the digital space that can lower the veil and help anyone truly understand what works and why.”

Neri Lugo

Neri Lugo

Data Analyst

“ It’s about time someone is auditing the agencies! Love the returns! ”