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Dealer Fox is an independent data and solution provider for franchise dealers. Our “independent” view of your data and performance allows us to report on the good and the bad in your dealership. We have no dog in the fight. Allowing vendors to police themselves has not served the greater good for car dealers!  Dealers always end-up with skewed data, and vendors highlighting their value with little results to support their claims.

Our Data Solution is second to none! We aggregate data from all your third-party sources, Google Analytics, Google Ads, as well as your dealer CRM. We then CLEAN the data so it’s accurate and sold units can’t be claimed by multiple sources.

The majority of the data is a breakdown of your marketing investments, but we also measure your vehicle engagement rate, processes, and personnel performance by the numbers. We measure the entire performance funnel because you can’t fix process issues with marketing adjustments, right?

Find out how our data-driven solutions have been helping dealers achieve their goals across the U.S.

Our Offer: 90-Day Data Evaluation of Your Dealership ...

We have a recovery plan that can be customized to your dealership. Your data tells a story that you must understand in order to minimize your losses. Data doesn't lie. Our data analysts are ready to dig into your data and customize a plan that your dealership needs.

Reducing your marketing and advertising spend alone will not flatten the curve of your lost sales during this global pandemic. Your recovery plan needs to focus on all four pillars of your automotive dealership: marketing, inventory, process, and personnel. Work with us to create a plan that digs deep into all four pillars. We will customize a strategy that minimizes cost per acquisition and maximizes your margins on every unit sold.

We have limited capacity, and these data evaluations will go fast -- first come, first served. Let's change the future together.

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Automobile Dealers Recovery Plan


Nothing has disrupted car sales like the current global pandemic.

We've never seen a market disruption like this. Not after 9/11. Not during the 2008-09 recession. We are in the middle of a crisis unlike anything we've seen, and no one knows how long it will last or how deep the economy will dive.

What We Learned from the 2008-09 Recession

In 2007-09, U.S. auto sales dropped as much as 40% during the recession, and it took seven years to recover. Why? Lack of strategy -- dealers cut spending, doubled down, or shut down completely.

Automobile Industry Slaes Forecast

Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

What did we learn from the 2008-09 recession? Two things. First, it takes more than units sold to make up for losses. Second, dealerships that had a plan saw quicker recoveries.

Here's what we know: You've got volumes of data that are vital to your dealership's economic recovery. Data analytics have always been important to your business, but now that data is more vital than ever. Do you know what to do with it? We do.


Carmen Liera

Carmen Liera

BDC Manager

“In only five months Dealer Fox helped clean up our website and integrated new sales tools that have increased my dealerships leads to actual in-store visits by 32%. The Dealer Fox team assisted our team the entire way! ”

B Anthony

Brian Erlenbach

Sales Manager

“ If you don’t have Dealer Fox in your dealership, chances are you’re investing way too much money in the wrong places. We have increased traffic on our site and sales in-store, all while reducing our costs.”


Craig Brown

Sales Manager

“If you haven’t engaged Dealer Fox, then your business isn’t firing on all cylinders! Dan at Dealer Fox has an acute understanding of all things digital and the capacity to create business opportunities where none existed. By far the most intelligent individual in the digital space that can lower the veil and help anyone truly understand what works and why.”

Neri Lugo

Neri Lugo

Data Analyst

“ It’s about time someone is auditing the agencies! Love the returns! ”