Dealer Fox is a digital consultancy advocating on behalf of auto groups. While many dealers feel pressured into making astronomical digital investments, we’re here to help you allocate your budget in a smart, data-driven way.

Find out how Dealer Fox can help grow your business while reducing your costs.


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Understanding authority in the digital world is the first step to maximizing your return on digital.

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Does your content answer the search query of online car shoppers in your market?

Investing in SEM without a data-driven strategy is like driving a car with a blindfold, NOT RECOMMENDED!

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Do your website visitors take action?

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Your data is the most crucial part of your decision making, don't take the same shortcuts as your competitors. Get the most accurate reporting in the industry today!




Data without taking action is just data! ACT Sync is the foundation of DealerFox; we execute on the information so dealers can focus on selling cars while we optimize their digital profile.



Carmen Liera

Carmen Liera

Internet DIrector
“In only five months Dealer Fox helped clean up our website and integrate new sales tools that have increased my dealerships leads to actual in-store visits by 32%. The Dealer Fox team assisted our team the entire way! ”
B Anthony

Brian Erlenbach

Sales Manager
“ If you don't have Dealer Fox in your dealership, chances are you're investing way too much money in the wrong places. We have increased traffic on our site and sales in-store, all while reducing our costs.”
Dana Wiora

Dana Wiora

Internet Manager
“ I have never relied on any other reports like I have than with those of Dealer Fox. Google Analytics finally matches up and makes sense. Thanks, Angela!”
Neri Lugo

Neri Lugo

Data Analyst
“ It's about time someone is auditing the agencies! Get em' Dan and Yash! ”