How Big Is Your ROD?

How Big Is Your Rod?

Size Does Matter!

Everyone is focused on a satisfactory ROI, but what everyone needs is a giant ROD.

For the most part, average owners are very skilled in securing a great return on investment in all areas for their dealership(s). However, most executive teams are being taken advantage of on a daily basis in the area of all things digital. Digital vendors see dealers not knowing digital as an opportunity to provide a service. Unfortunately, they know that since the dealers do not know what a well performing digital service looks like, dealers cannot hold vendors accountable in providing the best service. Owners are left unable to determine which vendor generated the lead for a sold car because different vendors often claim the same lead. Dealers have to rely on the inaccurate data provided by vendors to determine the action necessary to turn over lots. Dealers do not have a trustworthy way to track vendor performance. The only two reasons dealers have for continuing to invest in marketplace vendors are based on fear. They are:

  1. The fear of missing out.
    1. All of their competitors are subscribing to the vendor services. Owners feel if they do not subscribe too, then they will not make as many sales.
  2. “A Necessary Evil”
    1. Every time we have asked dealers why they continue to invest in the vendor marketplace, they say, “It is a necessary evil.”

Crucial financial decisions are being made by dealers while they are uninformed. This increases owners’ digital spend which heavily damages their ROD (Return On Digital).

What is needed is a focus on what brings dealers value. Issues like page speed, technical errors, and inaccurate listings lead to people leaving webpages to find a car they want to buy someplace else and a bigger CPV (Cost Per Visit). Countless dealerships overlook these simple steps. This is just one example of how we adjust multiple categories that affect a dealer’s digital profile.

After putting in all of this hard work, you want to maximize traffic to your site and make sure self-generated digital leads will not bounce off. That is why Search Engine Optimization is so crucial. In order for dealership(s) to appear on all major search engines, content should feature the right keywords buyers are searching for. SEO is a difficult term to grasp because it includes multiple subpoints. These are website enhancement, accessibility of search engines and social networks, and engagement of multiple marketing channels.

On average, 20% of people’s time on their phones is on either Facebook or Instagram. Social media is a great tool for advertising. That is why a key area of focus should be spent on SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Dealer Fox representatives know how to strategize campaigns for Google and Facebook Adwords in order to bring dealers the right audience, in the right place, for the right price. Digital advertising can be a confusing area but when used effectively, dealers can track understandable data to turn over lots.

One way to measure the quality of your advertising efforts is through UEO (User Engagement Optimization). Your call to action and value proposition should be so simple that your customers are engaged and can easily give you money.

We at Dealer Fox are here to fix that. It is our mission to audit the digital profile of new car dealerships, analyze the performance of vendors, and adjust the digital strategies of dealers based on informed decisions. Our process empowers dealerships so that they will never be in the position to be taken advantage of again in regards to their digital presence.

If you apply Dealer Fox’s digital strategies, your competition will envy the size of your ROD!