Who is Dealer Fox?

We are a data analytics firm that helps automobile franchise dealerships by aggregating your data and breaking it down into easy to digest bits, so you can spend less and sell more. Our lean and mighty team plugs into your dealership so you don’t have to hire a full-time data analyst. 

What We Do

Dealer Fox has no blind spots when we dig into your analytics. We explore all 4 pillars of your automobile dealership marketing, inventory, process and personnel. With our 4-step process audit, analyze, identify and adjust.

PNC Bank

We’ve Tracked

In 4 years, Dealer Fox has tracked, scrubbed, and validated metrics for our dealership clients. 

101+ Million
26 + Million
11+ Million

What do we do with that data?

We translate it into actionable tasks to help dealerships turn leads into conversions. Take a look. Since 2016, we’ve facilitated …

6+ Million
1+ Million
400K +

What You Get

Our Funnel Vision methodology gives anyone in your dealership a new way to measure performance — within 90 seconds. We speak your language (not technical jargon) and break the data into numbers and percentages that you can act on.

Where We Work

Dealer Fox calls Chicago home, but our work reaches all points of the U.S. We’re based in the legendary nonprofit 1871 technology hub and startup incubator. It is the No. 1 private business incubator in the world, and it has been recognized for excellence in supporting women entrepreneurs.


Why should this matter to you? 1871 has more than 450 startup founder members, including large corporate partners such as Apple, BMO Harris, BP, Google, Microsoft to name a few. We have access to the smartest data geeks in the world at 1871. 

Why We Exist

Imagine selling a Porsche 911 GT2 RS to someone who thinks it’s a cute car. They’ll never understand the 690 horses under the hood, the butter-smooth 7-speed auto-shift, and 553 lb-ft of torque.

Makes you want to cry. 

Yet technology vendors do this every day. They sell the Porsche, the Mercedes, the Maybach of data tools to you … and you have no idea the power you’ve got beyond your digital dashboards.

Check this out … 

  • Typical car buyers used to visit 5 dealerships; now they visit 2 because …
  • … 92% of car buyers start their searches online, yet …
  • … 95% of purchases still happen at dealerships. (Think With Google)
  • 60% to 75% of most companies’ data goes unused for analytics.(Forrester)

Your data tools are only as good as the people who are trained to use them and the processes you have in place. That’s our job.

Expert. Trusted. Vital.

Our Core Values

Integrity: We represent only your dealership. We don’t partner with third-party affiliates, and we do not accept incentives or commissions from marketing agencies, tech companies, or OEMs.

Intelligence: We stay true to your data. We don’t base our recommendations on anything but facts. We reserve gut feelings for ordering takeout, not for making business decisions.

Honesty: We’re not afraid to tell you your baby is ugly. You hire us to look under your hood, diagnose your problems, and recommend solutions. We’re up front and honest, and if you’re not a good fit for Dealer Fox, we’ll tell you.

Our Offer

Give us access to your suite of tools and let us give you a free 90-day data evaluation. 

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